Great Writers Steal Presents: What Can Writers Learn From the Best Short Stories of 2012?



The guy behind Great Writers Steal has finally published his first book of writing advice based on his hundreds of essays. If you’re a fiction writer, you likely have The Best American Short Stories volumes on your bookshelf. (If not, pick them up right away!) Now you can follow along, reading all of the excellent stories chosen by Tom Perrotta and Heidi Pitlor, then consulting the detailed notes about each work.

Inside the book, you’ll find:

…Analyses of all 20 Best American Short Stories 2012 stories
…A reprint of the Okla Elliott short story, “The Queen of Limbo”
…Exclusive analysis of the Elliott story
…An exclusive introduction by Kenneth Nichols
…More than 23,000 words of fun and education!

This eBook is not affiliated in any way with the Best American Series, its publisher, its editors, its authors, the tree farmers who grew the wood that would someday be pulped to make the paper between its covers, the craftsmen who printed and bound the books or the booksellers who put the finished books on store shelves.

The Best American Short Stories® is a registered trademark of Houghton Mifflin Company. I am not using the trademark; all I have done is write scholarly essays about copyrighted work.


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