Remember when you were in school and your teacher assigned you to read Jack London’s “To Build a Fire?”  I know, I know.  No one likes being assigned to read.  But you sucked it up and opened the book.

And for the next twenty minutes, you were in the middle of a blizzard.  Your fingers were losing sensation as the cold nipped at them.  Your breath started running short as you imagined being the only human being within a hundred square miles, knowing that you and you alone could keep yourself alive.

Great Writers Steal Press wants to rekindle that feeling inside you (no fire pun intended).  There is so much contemporary literature that is “good for you.”  These novels and short stories are “important.”  The publishers of these works are inviting you to a three-star Michelin restaurant where you will nibble amuse-bouches and discuss the important issues of the day over forty-dollar bottles of wine.

We’re the fun neighborhood joint that gives you good grub at a good price.  You can obsess over our entrees all you like, but there’s no test at the end of the meal.  We want you to have fun.  We don’t want you to be afraid to dig into your meal for fear of ruining the dish’s exquisite plating.

These stories have great meaning, but most of all?  They’re interesting.

“Fit To Be Tied” — an entertaining story by Curtis Bradley Vickers

“Houdini’s Knife” — an entertaining story by Kenneth Nichols

Unexpected, Overlooked — An Entertaining Chapbook of Stories and Poems by Kenneth Nichols


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